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About us

Shen Zhen Enlite Energy Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2012 with capital RMB 10million.
Enlite Energy is an innovative and creative company in LED lighting, Plant Grow lighting, and Solar
applications in China.

Enlite Energy has a professional team in both R&D and Manufacturing. We have accumulated over 20 years wire bonding production know how and 15 years SMT (surface mounting Technology) in our mother company (Yuban Technology Co.,Ltd.). Employing over 400 people, we currently have 11 SMT production lines and 9 Wire bonding Machines lines and are one of the top 10 EMS company in China.


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Contact: Wendylam

Phone: +8613924679039

Tel: +86 0755-27445001

Add: 10/F,A6 Building ,TianRui Industrial Park, Fuyuan 1st Road, Xinhe Community, Fuyong Street, Bao’an District, Shenzhen, China

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